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Seema Mistress
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Mistress Seema
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 by Amit Shah

I had an out of this world experience with Seema Mistress.She looks even better in real life than her photos and videos. She knows just how to press all the right buttons and boy does she “pack a punch”! Her strap-on skills are simply incredible.I’ll be rushing back at the first opportunity, I can’t recommend her enough. Simply amazing!

 by Krunal

I was very lucky to have had the chance to have seen Seema Mistress during the time she was in Mumbai.She is a very beautiful and highly skilled Mistress and it was a great pleasure to have had a couple of sessions with her. We had discussed beforehand what type of session that I would like to experience and I am happy to say that it more than meet my expectations!Seema Mistress understanding of English is very good, so English speaking subs would have no problem in communication with her. As well as being very attractive and sexy she is also a nice person who is easy to talk with.I am looking forward with much anticipation for another session with Seema Mistress and I hope that I will not have to wait too long!

 by Ram

Seema Mistress is the most widely skilled dominatrix I know, and she adapts to what works very fast. But one of her most special skills is her pegging skills.
Let’s just say that if you ever want to feel how it is to be pounded into orgasmic mush, then played with some, and then more and more and more pegging... she is your woman.
At the end I totally understood how the women receiving from me feel, as I found myself also begging to "please no more.. yes more... I don't know yes/no" tremble shake "oh god she just does not stop!” “oh Seema Mistress! Please don’t stop!!" 😉
I am so coming back for more!

 by Sunil narayan

I have seen Seema Mistress on several occasions and I can assure you that you are not going to have a better session anywhere or with anyone that will top a meeting with her. She is a unique combination of beauty, sensuality and a delightfully wicked mind. Her stunning body with natural body hair will rob all your senses and her mind will have you captivated. She truly enjoys what she does and that makes each play very special. It all comes very natural for her and she is so very creative, which allows her to improvise with ease and agility. I love playing with Seema Mistress as our styles & favorites elegantly match in a perfect way!

 by Agnihotri

Be yourself and open your mind. Let Mistress Seema stunning natural beauty make you weak and surrender to her. Serving her desires is a privilege and an experience you will ache to repeat often.

 by Shreyan

Seema Mistress is one of the two overseas dommes whom I’d met in Delhi. I frankly admit her as the top classy Indian Mistress that I had ever been in session with. She is superb in teasing and bondage. She in fact is all rounded in her dominant skills. The tattoos on her silky smooth body are fabulous and mesmerizing which drove me crazy and hardly behaving myself well during the session!

 by Govind

It was such an incredible pleasure and honor to meet Seema Mistress. She is more beautiful in person than in her pictures, and so beautiful in her pictures! I had been fantasizing about this meeting for so long and finally when I was in Delhi I scheduled a session. It was intoxicating. She is incredible at the art of tease and denial and had me immediately in her thrall. She tied me up and tortured me but I was happy to take it to share her presence. And finally when I was smothered by her I never wanted to leave.

 by Akshay

It was my honour to have an amazing session with Seema Mistress. It happened in a luxury hotel. A grand room and a world class dominatrix. What else can I ask for! It was a role playing session with gothic theme. Mistress Seema dressed in nun uniform. The room was filled with dark wave music. The set made the atmosphere perfectly matched the story. Nun Seema did everything right, nothing went wrong. She was good in terms of skills of using various tools/weapons, facial expressions, verbal skills and many more! We had a nice chat after the session. She never rush. I recommend slaves to talk to her more. She will listen patiently in order to know the fantasy/weak spots of slaves more and then hurt him more thoroughly in the next session! She likes to know slaves deeper and make the sessions more customised for everyone. She is an unique dominatrix which can be found nowhere. I will definitely have sessions with her again and again.

 by Nutan

A couple of days ago I had my first session with Seema Mistress, and it was amazing . At first I was really nervous and she quickly calmed me down , showing me around the studio and talking to me , which was totally cool . But the minute I changed into my speedo , I was greeted by a smokin hot woman ready to kick my ass . I requested a submission style match and she didn’t let me down . Chokeholds , all types of scissor holds , camel clutches , arm bars , you name it . If anybody can get out of her facesit without tapping , I applaud you . it is intense, as was Mistress Seema boob smother , it almost knocked my out . Totally awesome session and I would recommend Seema Mistress to anybody visiting the Delhi , you won’t be disappointed. Love you mistress

 by Gaurav

Hi Seema Mistress,

Thanks a lot for the wonderful session last Sunday.I was very nervous to begin with and I did not think that I would be able to take even half of the activities I wanted to try. However, you took complete control right at the beginning and made me try everything that I asked for(and more!) I never felt like using the safe word even though you were continuously testing my limits ????I especially liked the way you pushed me just hard enough to make the session a thoroughly enjoyable experience while ensuring that it does not get too intense for an inexperienced person. This skill probably comes with experience or the fact that you really enjoy what you do.Hopefully I will get a chance to meet you again soon and take my submission to a higher level.Thanks!

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