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Indian Mistress Seema

 I am Indian Mistress Seema, a Indian dominatrix and Lifestyle Femdom. I am delighted to invite you into my digital space, I welcome you to explore what I’ve written and I hope that it resonates with you. Like you, every submissive I have played with has at one time been curious, uncertain but they kept exploring. It would be my pleasure to be a part of your journey of self exploration. You seek an authentic connection with a dominant woman; A powerful seductress who will captivate you and draw you into her all encompassing world. A world of fantasies, BDSM exploration, fetish and delicious domination. You crave a dominant/submissive relationship where you can explore without judgement. The act of giving up control completely and trusting another person is something that I think many people don’t know that they need, you might even call it therapeutic. Putting yourself into the hands of another allows you to relax and be at peace, 

letting the rest of your normal life be on pause for that period of time. I think that is part of the magic of BDSM and Domination. I strive to create authentic connections with everyone who comes into my dungeon, whether they seek deep submission or to explore a fetish they’ve had for as long as they can remember. I invite players of all skill levels into my realm. I find BDSM to be healing in many contexts, the act of bearing our naked selves to someone else and sharing our darkest secrets is incredibly powerful. Being entrusting with those secrets is not something I take lightly. You may call me Mistress Seems Addressing your Mistress with the proper title is part of the fun. I’m sure we’ll have fun finding what title fits us best. For now, you may call me Mistress Seema , Dominatrix Seema, Your Highness or Goddess Seema. Exploration is a curious thing, the more we find the more we long to know. BDSM and myself in particular are similar, we have so much to offer that it feels endless. The limit is merely your imagination.

Indian Mistress Seema

How I became a Professional Dominatrix

 I got into kink officially through members of the BDSM scene over 10 years ago although my duration as a professional dominatrix has been a bit shorter. I began spreading my wings and exploring through classes, workshops and parties and shortly after started playing with my first real “sub” of my own. I’ve had several I could call my own over the years and through their dedication and loyalty I’ve had the opportunity to grow, learn and hone my skills. I didn’t get start as a real time professional dominatrix until shortly there after where in I began exploring kink and myself even more and the fun really began for me. I explored many venues, some good and some not so much my taste. Due to my curiosity I carry a long list of qualifications. I started off in Phoenix, AZ but didn’t really get involved in the BDSM scene until I came back to my hometown of Seattle, WA. I joined the local community and made a lot of fabulous connections with wonderful kinky people through local event spaces and Fetlife. I found people who mentored me, taught me and allowed me experiment before I had the courage to explore being a professional dominatrix.

 I discovered a passion for rope (Indian Mistress Seema) is famous for its shibari scene, as is Vancouver, BC.) Then shortly there after discovered my love for sadism, reaction and connection. I think play is all about connection as its core and kink itself is a spectrum. When describing it to people who don’t understand I often use the ice cream analogy; Kink is like stepping outside the realm of just enjoying vanilla with adding different things. You can have vanilla praline, vanilla with fudge, etc. Once you open your mind to kink you can try any flavor you can dream up. The limits are your imagination and what you are willing to do with yourself and others. D/s is much the same as I think that all interactions have some type of power structure, even if it’s just neutral. D/s is just awareness of that and playing with it. I’ve heard the sentiment echoed over the years that an insecure person will try to prove themselves the most, or speak the loudest. I’m often very soft spoken and mild mannered although my words can be quite harsh if you’re paying attention. I bend the world around me to will, I do it effortlessly. Ever heard the quote “speak softly and carry and big stick”?

Indian Mistress Seema


Age: 27

Birthdate: April 14th

Personality Type: INTJ

Education: Bachelor’s Degree (Fun Fact: I am extremely passionate about educating others about BDSM and the Femdom lifestyle. I do so in many unexpected ways.)

Languages: hindi, english  

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Hypnotic Green Statistics 

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 130 Pounds

Bust: 32C or 36″

Waist: 25″

Hips: 36″

Shoe Size: 9.5-10



Unfortunately for you I spend hours in the gym every week so rest assured my ability to deliver extremely painful over the knee spankings is unmatched in the domination world, unsurprisingly my subs often mistake my hand for my large heavy wooden paddle, this is unfortunate because it then doesn’t take much imagination to understand just how painful the spanking will become once I progress to said paddle or even my thick leather tawes.

I normally don’t feel the need to restrict my subs during a spanking session that is unless you insist on using your hands to protect your exposed buttocks. I work with a three strike rule, to put it simply, you won’t be able to protect your buttocks for a fourth time as I will secure your hands behind your back with a collar connector which ensures your hands stay high and out of my way.

Indian Mistress Seema


My corporal punishment sessions come in several flavours ranging from light to very serve and in some cases, extreme, where a judicial caning is the only thing that will sufficiently extract a genuine heart fealt apology and a true sense of remorse.

Genuine remorse is a very important aspect of a corporal punishment session, and I will always seek this result, “unless we have agreed otherwise” as it truly brings an element of realism to you punishment.

This is something I suspect you will regret agreeing to during our session as the effects of my more severe implements cause wave after wave of pain to course through your body bringing you to an utter state of desperation as you beg and plead with me for mercy, but yet my resolve remains steadfast.

Rest assured that once it is over you will be glad I pushed you to your limits and a little beyond. Imagine the memories that will find their way to the forefront of your mind as you struggle to sit comfortably over the coming days.

It is not uncommon for a sub to cry, (if they haven’t already) when I finally whisper in their ear “ it’s over” this is simply the adrenaline draining from their body as it is simultaneously replaced with endorphins. during this time I will normally leave the sub restrained for another few minutes to allow them time to focus on and enjoy these feelings and emotions.

My corporal punishment sessions can be customised to accommodate a wide range of needs but to do this effectively, email or text correspondence is essential in order to set clear boundaries and expectations.


CBT is a favourite session type of mine and definitely one where I excel the most, I take great pride in the pain, pleasure and discomfort I can cause to your vulnerable private parts, obviously I have a wide variety of scary looking tools to inflict these sensations, but often revert back to the tiny point of my 4 inch heels to make sure my submissive knows who is calling the shots….

I insist on regular displays of gratitude and appreciation during our CBT sessions and if I don’t hear enough “Thank you Mistress” then that will often signal the time is right to unleash my whip. Just wait to you feel this thing striking the inside of your thighs, nipples or penis.

My whip is also very effective at removing a submissives erection, when one is present but my approval and permission has not been granted.

Remember EVERYTHING requires permission from Mistress Lory when you are in her domain, so should you detect the onset of an erection you better quickly start begging and pleading with me to gain my approval otherwise your erection will be removed, “don’t worry

Indian Mistress Seema

Restrained in my ankle and wrist cuffs restraint you will experience a true sense of vulnerability and surrender, being Immobilised in this position as I generously smear lubricant between your bottom cheeks will reinforce what submission really means.

Once I have you in this compromised position I like to take my time prior to penetrating your tight little bottom, almost in a ritualistic way.

I love watching the expressions change on my subs face as I show him one by one the different toys that I will insert into his bottom over the course of the next hour. Sometimes I like to explain the sensations that he can expect from each toy and other times I just leave it up to his imagination so he can enjoy the surprise.

Obviously I have your best interests at heart which translates into a short warmup with my gloved fingers. Nothing signifys the commencement of an anal play session like the sound of a mistress standing behind you slowly putting on a rubber glove, the sound of which is unmistakable.

Please ensure that you are COMPLETELY clean down there, failure to do so will bring an immediate end to any further anal play.

I have tips that can assist with this process and will share those with you during our email correspondence.

It is also important to note that I take hygiene and safety very seriously so rest assured that all my toys will be meticulously sterilised and everything will be covered with a condom prior to penetration.Indian Mistress Seema

Legal Notice

When you entered this website you had Read and agreed to the following terms:

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* I confirm that the computer I am using to access the website is my own and/or if not i have the permission to use it.
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* I understand that all the material shared is purely consensual by all parties involved
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* I declare that I have read, understood and agree to all of the above
* And most importantly that you agree to serve Indian Mistress Seema

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