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[email protected]

Returning Devotees

If you have already met me, there is no need to fill out my screening/contact form again unless your contact info is completely different. You may contact me directly for scheduling.

Before We Meet

It’s completely natural to be nervous or even anxious but don’t worry. We’ve all been there. I’m not actually evil, you’ll be okay after this. My goal is to have you learn something about yourself and walk away from this experience feeling like you know yourself better and hopefully like you gained something you can bring to future interactions.

Once you have submitted your contact form, I will respond and we’ll settle on when works for both of us. Unless we’ve met before it won’t be the same day, however it’s very likely I will respond promptly to your message. I may or may not request a deposit from you, this depends on many factors.

What you can expect from me

I generally go into any play with any person by creating a tone of comfort and trust; I’m a very up front and forthcoming person in all aspects of my life, especially when play is concerned. I try to cultivate friendships and intimacy with everyone that I play with and I think it’s extremely important to create a space where open (and sometime uncomfortable) communication is the standard. I do this by being an open communicator myself, maintaining a very non-judgmental outlook and by simply being genuine and honest. I don’t consider meetings like this as an exception when it comes to the way that I prefer to interact with people, although I’m aware that many women in my position would disagree with me about that.
In short, I create comfortable space by being as direct and honest as possible while not stepping on toes. It also helps that I read people very well and I’m very empathetic so I can easily relate to others. You can expect me to be frank, understanding, compassionate and very attentive; While I often play the bitch, this experience is about mutual trust and enjoyment.
To read about my different play styles- 


Some form of screening is mandatory, period. I screen because it provides me with some degree of certainty that you are genuine in your intent and it shows me are invested. If nothing else it is an exercise in your submission to me. I care about privacy as well so I offer interviews in addition to traditional methods but I cannot guarantee my availability and you are expected to tribute for my time.


In the BDSM community we have a joke, it goes “What’s the first rule of Fight Club?” This joke relates to privacy. It is taken to mean, if you meet someone outside of a BDSM event you act as though you don’t know them. “The First Rule of Fight Club is Don’t Talk about Fight Club.” It’s as if it never happened. That’s my hope for how I we can handle privacy surrounding our interactions.

I take privacy very seriously, any information you give me will not be shared without your consent. All methods of communication are all encrypted for the purposes of privacy, including my form with the exception of phone/texting but you can use encrypted apps and my number is the same there. I am serious about how I conduct myself and I don’t have time to interfere with your life, nor do I care enough to. Privacy is a rare commodity in our current digital age and I want mine respected just as much as you want yours respected. It’s a mutual thing. This is all just an exercise in trust building.

Confirming Bookings

Please confirm your appointment 3 hours before we are supposed to meet, I will expect you to initiate the confirmation by reaching out to me.
You must contact me to confirm session only then will you receive directions.
If you don’t confirm 3 hours in advance the day of our session (unless pre-discussed) you have cancelled and my same day 


First and foremost, in order to keep your appointment you must reach out to me and confirm your appointment 3 hours before we have arranged to meet. If you cannot contact me 3 hours before, please inform me or simply contact me earlier in the day. At that time you should confirm when we are set to meet to avoid any confusion.

If you don’t confirm in a timely manner (less than 3 hours) you have cancelled. Please refer to my cancellations page for more information on how that applies to you.


I will not provide you with directions until after you have followed my protocol for confirmations.

I am located in a residential area of Seattle and it is very critical to be courteous of other people in the neighborhood. I highly value maintaining a good relationship with my neighbors so discretion, low impact and lack of disturbance are elements that are highly prized by me.

If you arrive early, do not sit in your car. There are plenty of businesses nearby for you to patronize them, I am happy to make recommendations. If you prefer a more interactive experience, there are lovely views to see if you choose to get some exercise.

I personally find it alarming when I walk around and find people just sitting in their cars, I do not wish to contribute to the general anxiety of the neighborhood.

When you approach, do not dawdle outside. Just come directly to my door. My instructions are very specific so make sure you read them carefully before leaving. Follow them precisely, I am not exact without due cause.

Once you arrive, I will greet you and I’ll expect you to remove your shoes. It is important to discuss limits, any triggers you may have and any health issues. It is also extremely important to note that every interaction is extremely variable and dependent on flow, connection, the relationship. This is an adventure and a journey, from here on out it is an organic and unique thing that cannot be laid down on paper. I hope that you will entrust yourself to me in servitude and submission.

Dungeon Rules

1. What Mistress says, goes.
2. Do not talk about about tributes.
3. The default safeword is “Red”.
4. No drugs, No smoking, No weapons. (Pocket knives, etc are okay.)
5. You Break It, You Replace It (At the discretion of the Mistress)
6. Discretion is paramount.
7. Remove your shoes upon entering the dungeon.

Hard Limits

1) No sex

3) No animals

4) Nothing that permanently injures or harms you nor anyone else

5) Nothing that encourages or promotes harm against anyone else

6) No involvement, directly or indirectly of anyone against their will

7) No roman showers

My preferred title is Mistress, although you may call me Goddess if you prefer or Ma’am if the occasion so calls for it. Do not call me pet names. (Eg: Baby, sweetie, honey)

Do not touch me without asking first or unless you have gotten explicit permission prior.

I prefer to play with non-verbal safewords, I find that words are often limiting for a wide variety of reasons. In this case I will hand you something you can use to indicate to me that you need to pause the scene for any reason or stop it altogether.

If you are more comfortable with verbal safewords, the default safeword I use is Red. However I respond to plain English as well, particularly in cases when safewords haven’t been established at any point. As in if you want to stop, say “stop” or “no”. Additionally, there isn’t an expectation for you to know the default safeword if we haven’t discussed it.

Thank you for your consideration.


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