Mistress Seema

Seema Mistress

mistress loves to dominate why do subs need to tribute

Some Slaves have asked me why a

tribute is required. After all, isn’t

Mistress enjoying Herself? Isn’t a

slave’s devotion and serv1ce worth

anything? Little submissive creatures,

your devotion is valuable to me. It I

don’t enjoy a sub’s company, I

recommend him/her to another

dominant. I live and breathe BDSM-

everyday 1 find more kink in my soul.

lt amazes me that it jusT keeps getting

better. Yet, regardless of lhow much I

love training my subs, I still have to

pay my bills. It I wasn’t a pro-domme,

l’d have to take a normal 9-to-5 job

and practice BDSM only as a hobby.

And that means that I would only be

able to train one or two subs

maximum.. Do you see what I’m

getting at? What a huge waste of

dominant energy, huh: Being a pro

domme allows me to train a much

larger number submissives; it frees up

my time such that I can grace you with

my presence. That is why there are

costs. But rather than a fee for a

service, I see it as a tribute you offer

me as your Goddess on this Earth.

Look at it from another angle…

Throughout the History of organized

religion, churches have manipulated,

and sometimes coerced, the masses to

contribute financially to the church or

charity projects. Some sects even have

“divine laws” expressing how much

one should contribute (i.e. 10% of

one’s income). And in these 3000 pluss

years, some churches abused their

power using that money to exert

further control over the population

while other groups have maintain

an ethical approach and using that
case, you can have direct contact with

your deity: Me! Most devout pilgrims

can spend their entire lives praying,

working and worshiping a “god” that

can only be reached via the ranks of

the chureh or in the afterlife.

How lucky are you to be able to have

direct contact with your Goddess. I

am extremely connected to the

energies ot the universe and see as my

mission in this lifetime to be the link

between these energies and normal

humans. BDSM training can also lead

to heightened states of consciousness

sometimes accompanied by spiritual

Cxperiences. It is my goal to use this

amazing universal tool for

consciousness development: BDSM


A piece of Domina pride & prose

the early 2000’s